A group paddling on the rapids

A group paddling on the rapids

Management Plan Consultation

The rapids at Symonds Yat were purchased by canoeists for canoeists in order to maintain the rapids which were at risk of being lost for good. In order to ensure the site is sustainably managed the following management plan has been drawn up. This still a draft document and comments are welcomed up until 18th May 2010. To view the draft plan please follow this link to the plan

If you have any comment or suggestion to contribute to the management plan, please email webmaster@yatrapids.co.uk

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Everyone has to learn to paddle somewhere and in Great Britain that somewhere is often Symonds Yat, a small rapid on the River Wye in the Welsh Borders.

The rapids were purchased in March 2003 by the British Canoe Union with the support of the Environment Agency following a successful four year long appeal by a local group to buy them on behalf of all canoeists. Following further fund raising and successful applications for substantial funding from the Community Club Development Programme managed by Sports England and the Market Town Initiative the groynes are currently being restored and made permanent the and habitat improvements are being made for the local wildlife.

This has been a very expensive project and we still need more funds to complete all the work we have got planned and to pay for the ongoing maintenance & running costs.

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